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We build sustainable businesses that solves problems in the world

and doing good for the planet and the people. We hope and believe that our work contributes to the great changes that the world needs to see.

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We have devided our work in

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Temporary homes in Sweden. Solving housing problems for the people.

In Sweden, an acute housing shortage prevails and the market is extremely overheated. We do not build enough permanent residences and for those who need a temporary home the market is both limited and extremely expensive. We will change this by building homes that are tailor-made for temporary residents.


Fredrik Löwenhielm


Rental houses in Sweden. Solving housing problems for the people.

Lifetime Homes breaks new ground and creates future housing. You can rent a villa with a first-hand contract, where a whole new lifestyle is included! A villa that is steeped in stylish and user-friendly design that together with the latest technology and smart solutions creates a simple, social, cost-effective and sustainable lifestyle for you.


Christopher Sifvert


A new living concept for Arfica. Fighting climate change and powerty.

Today the construction industry accounts for 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions and buildings consume 32% of global energy. Imagen what will happen when Africas people rise from 1 to 3 billion people in 30 years.

Together with Asaduru we are now creating a smart living concept for the African people - sustainable, cost effective, rental homes, affordable for the average African family.


Christopher Sifvert


Zambian farm. Empowering women and fighting climate change.

This is our innovation lab in Africa. We grow corn, cabbage and cannabis plants for CBD-oil for medical use. At the farm we empower women and fight powerty. We also work for a better climate by growing trees for our housing projects and we are building the whole farm into a sustainable small village -  a proof of concept for our future project LIFETIME Homes in Africa.

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Emma Banda Ryberg


Paraden and Lidingö Residence. 

Our first LIFETIME projects.

PARADEN - In the center of Stockholm, we created a new living concept where we united a hotel, apartments and a restaurant in a beautiful property. A total success that we sold to Glommen & Lindberg in 2016.

LIDINGÖ - This was one of our first LIFETIME projects. We bought the land, created the project and sold it before it was built. This is where the concept LIFETIME Residence was born.

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Christopher Sifvert


A co-living concept LIFETIME Together

Why be alone if you can team up with others? Share, help and enjoy is the motto for our new together concept.  Our model is a smart and sustainable residential setup where occupants share a range of amenities, from basic living spaces to premium services. This will make life more affordable, more social and more fun. Why own when you can share? Good both for you and the planet. Our plan is to build an extended family house and a house for senior citizens. All rental of course.

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Christopher Sifvert


Integration homes in Sweden.

Solving integration and depopulation.

There are houses in Sweden that are cheap to buy because they are located in the country side in small and depopulated areas. Here we need to refill the system. That's why we will buy these houses and rent them out to newly arrivals. That way we solve some of the problems with both integration and the depopulation of rural areas in Sweden. It is our responsibility as global citizens to help people in need and if you run away from war and climate crisis the first thing you need is a home and a warm welcome. This we will provide, at the sam time as we are building a real estate company that is sustainable for the investors.

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Susanne Sifvert


A food revolution for Africa. Fighting diabetes, powerty and climate change. 

Supporting global goals No.3 and 13, we will raise awareness about how the things we eat affects our body and the environment. We want to stop the increased craving for imported and processed food and beverage and change the consumer behavior at a population level. The plan is to do a cooking show, tour the country in a food truck and eventually do a franchise concept for food-trucks.

Susanne - BILD.jpg

Susanne Sifvert


Sustainable forestry and micro companies. Fighting climate change and empowering women.

The number of buildings in the world is going to double in 2060. It's like we are going to build a new New York City, every month, for the next 40 years. Today the average forest business of Africa is all about fast return on investment - that we are going to change! We have the land, we will work with reforestation in Zambia, create a sustainable self growing company - built by micro companies - driven by the women of Zambia. We will only engage the women in our business so they can get self supportive and build their childrens future.

Susanne - BILD.jpg

Susanne Sifvert


We think it's possible to live a healthy life, spending your time on earth doing what you love while you have a balanced economy, are free to control your own life, doing good and taking our responsibility for the planet seriously. That's what we call a happy lifetime. /Christopher Sifvert founder and owner




One of the key figures of life is a place to live. Here we have to make some great changes in the world. Both people and real estate owners have to demand that houses are built and run completely environmentally friendly, are off the grid, fully connected and smart. Especially when the under developed countries starts to evolve.


The real estate business of the future will not only be about fast return on investment, it will also be about return on investment for the people and the planet.


In the 20th century we got used to a certain way of thinking: If you needed something, you bought it. Cars, houses, records, you name it. Efficient manufacturing and logistics made it possible to create a global overflow of stuff. Ownership was a way of defining who you ARE.


But it takes a large amount of natural resources to manufacture all the stuff we buy and it does not make us happier. We buy stuff we don't need, to impress people we don't like. That has to stop.

The planet and the people will not survive if we do not make a change.


Sharing and using stuff on-demand, when you actually need them. This leads to more effective use of resources and kills one of the biggest threats to the climate, over-consumption. And when we buy a lot of stuff we also need a far to big home to store everything in.


But instead of buying big homes, as a show off and an over-consumption storage, we believe that people will start making more conscious choices and actually share both their home and stuff with others. People who lives in the same place have about the same needs so therefore it is very easy to share. Things, services, transport, gym, office space etc. This will save time, money, headache and the environment.


We are impatient optimists who take action to change the world. 

We are global citizens that believe in a holistic and sustainable lifestyle where we constantly make conscious choices in how we treat ourselves, fellow humans and the environment. We never judge others for not making the same choices as we do we just hope we will open the door to a happy lifetime for everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from. Everyone deserves a happy lifetime! /Christopher Sifvert founder and owner.



We are constantly looking for good ideas, adventures people, passionate entreprenures and heart driven investors for our projects

Please come see us if you want to get to know us better

and mabye also become a lifetimer.


Every month we have an think-tank, a place where ideas can grow and become reality. 

A very good place to meet us for the first time. You are always welcome!

Our investors and partners are critical in achieving our vision of purpose,

profit and passion. Thank you for joining us. /Christopher Sifvert and Fredrik Löwenhielm

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